Seaside Town Relight - UE4

Using Matima Studio's awesome Seaside Town Environment. Mix of static and stationary lighting. No raytracing, all reflection environment/SSR. As always, shoutout to Luoshang's GPU Lightmass, it's phenomenal.
This was a great scene to work with. All I did was some adjustments to albedo values and adjusting some vert-painting. Little tweaks to asset placement here and there, but largely out of the box.

Been seeing a lot of movies in the Academy aspect-ratio (1.375) and honestly, I've been really obsessed. The Nightengale and The Lighthouse being two recent ones. They both really deserve watching, they're incredible.

That said, 2.35 is great too. Just saw Good Time by the Safdie brothers and mannnnn. Amazing use of it. The unconventional use of telephoto and chaotic editing really makes it a unique experience.